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Like many other small manufacturers of outdoor equipment, we are passionate about hiking and exploring the wilderness. But as engineers we also bring know-how and confidence in how to design and produce the best equipment possible. Our team is small but has decades of experience in designing 3D-printed parts. Although we currently are kind of a “one trick pony” we have big plans for the future and plan to reveal exiting plans in the coming months.

The story of our first product, the Teragon Pioneer, is long and boring, but the short and cool version goes like this:

One of our founders is a paragliding enthusiast with a dream to fly off to remote places in the Norwegian mountains with a small tent. This style of paragliding is called Vol Biv, or loosely translated; fly and camp. This in turn, sets a high requirement for the equipment and there is a big focus on gear weight and durability.

In combination he also had a ton of professional experience in 3D printing. So not many beers were needed to come up with the great, but somewhat crazy idea to 3D-print a tent stake.

And then after a few prototypes and testing. Here we are. Ready to let you experience the exciting technology of 3D-printing out in the forest, on the mountain or wherever you would like to set up camp. 



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